Therapy - Individual & Family

Help for the families of addicted people



You probably found my website because someone you love is struggling with their drug or alcohol use. Like most families I work with, you are probably feeling scared, disconnected and depleted because of this problem in your family.

Maybe you have been told to “detach” from your family member who is wrestling with an addiction, to let them “hit bottom,” but that doesn’t feel quite right to you. Perhaps you have been advised to surprise them with an intervention and an ultimatum, but you aren’t convinced that it’s the right approach either.

You can get compassionate support for yourself, reduce conflict and preserve the relationship with your addicted loved one, and find ways to influence them to seek treatment for their substance use, all without shaming, blaming or ultimatums.

I use a collaborative, respectful harm-reduction approach that seeks to empower instead of shame, and to encourage healthy relationship-building instead of detachment. I am certified in the Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) counseling approach, a positive relationship-based alternative to surprise interventions.

You can be the one to lead healthy changes in your family. I welcome you to attend a session on your own, or with anyone else in your family who is ready for change. Your loved one does not need to be ready to join you for you to start getting help.