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Group for Parents who Love Someone who Uses Heroin


A monthly harm reduction support group for parents and other family caregivers of heroin/opiate users, to support each other as they struggle to stay connected with their children who are in trouble with opiates, while also struggling to take care of themselves. “Cross talk” encouraged!

This group is for any parent, grandparent, or other family caregiver of someone who is either currently using heroin or another opiate or establishing recovery through rehab, outpatient, or medication assisted treatment. Parents are encouraged to attend a Family Recovery workshop with me before enrolling in group.

Group meets in the evening on the 1st Thursday of every month in Wallingford, North Seattle. Enroll anytime of the year, sliding scale cost. Print a flyer to read more about the group and then call or email me to enroll.

Group for Parents who Love Someone who Uses Heroin
“When my husband and I discovered our daughter’s addiction, we had no idea how to cope. He was angry and I was scared. When we started sessions with Lara we were not only able to identify with other parents who were experiencing similar feelings, but we were taught skills so that we could communicate with our daughter to gain her trust and add sanity to our lives. Our anger was replaced with a sense of purpose – to take care of ourselves and support our daughter on her road to recovery. I’m so grateful for that!”
- past group participant